Itinerary 1

Like true Venetians

From the station to the Santa Sofia traghetto

Considered pulsing, living centres of Venice’s daily life, the Ghetto and the Fondamenta della Misericordia offer some real gems for visitors. Learn more about these historic palazzi and be amazed by the cultural heritage hidden within their walls.


Church of Santa Maria di Nazareth

Cannaregio 54

+39 041 8224006

The church of Santa Maria di Nazareth, known to Venetians as the ‘Scalzi', consists of a single nave and is adorned with polychrome marble, sculptures, gilt decorations and works of art. In some months of the year it provides the entrance to the mystical garden of the Discalced Carmelites, where lemon balm, from which the famous Acqua is produced, is still cultivated.

Church of Santi Geremia e Lucia

Campo San Geremia 272

The church houses the remains of Lucy, the patron saint of eyesight. With two façades, one on the Grand Canal and one on Campo San Geremia, the current appearance of the sanctuary is the result of a Baroque rebuilding in the eighteenth century.

Church of Madonna dell’Orto

Cannaregio 3512

+39 041 79599

The church of Madonna dell'Orto is still today of the most interesting buildings in the city. Not only for the façade characterised by the alternation of white stone and pink marble, but also for the precious works contained within. All go to make this church a real Venetian jewel.

Jewish Museum

Calle del Forno 1107

+ 39 055 2989815

The Jewish Museum of Venice bears witness to the tradition that still lives on in the city today. The museum illustrates the cycle of Jewish festivities and the history of the Venetian Jewish community, with displays of goldsmiths’ and textile artefacts of great historical importance and also ancient books and manuscripts.

Scuola Grande Tedesca Synagogue

Campo di Ghetto Nuovo 2902/B

The Scuola Grande Tedesca is the first synagogue in the ghetto. Although it has no particular ornamentation on the outside, the marble-covered interior walls are decorated in late Baroque style.

Scuola Canton Synagogue

Calle del Orto 1191

The interior of the Scola Canton is in a Baroque style enriched with Rococo inserts. The decoration of the room, consisting of eight wooden panels depicting episodes from the Exodus, makes this Synagogue unique in Europe.

Scuola Italiana Synagogue

Ghetto Vecchio 2883

More austere than the two Ashkenazi synagogues in the ghetto, the Scola Italiana is characterised by a simple interior, rendered luminous by the presence of numerous windows opening onto the courtyard.

Ca’ d’Oro

Calle Ca' d'Oro 3934

+39 041 5222349

After being restored in the early twentieth century, the Ca' D'Oro now houses the Giorgio Franchetti Gallery. Walking through the rooms of this most famous and elegant of Venetian private palaces, one can find masterpieces by great artists such as Mantegna, Titian and Carpaccio.

Scuola Levantina Synagogue

Ghetto Vecchio 1154

Founded in the sixteenth century and rebuilt in the following century, the Scuola Levantina stands out from the other synagogues in the ghetto for its important pulpit, attributed to Andrea Brustolon.

Scuola Ponentina or Spagnola Synagogue

Ghetto Vecchio 1147

The Scuola Spagnola (or Ponentina) is certainly the most imposing of the Venetian synagogues. The wide staircase, the elliptical women's gallery, the decoration of the Torah ark: everything was designed to create a great impact on those present.

Scuola Grande di Santa Maria della Misericordia

Cannaregio 3599

+39 337 1440557

The Scuola Grande di Santa Maria della Misericordia has fulfilled various functions over time. Once considered one of the most important secular institutions of the Republic, in the early twentieth century it became an important sports centre, hosting the basketball matches of Reyer Venezia.

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